Upcoming Events

Register now for our workshops on ‘Finding and Using Research Evidence to Inform Decision-making in Health Systems and Organizations’

Want to be at the leading edge of the fast paced field of how to bring the best evidence to bear on pressing policy issues in support of health-system strengthening? Don’t miss your chance to attend one of the McMaster Health Forum’s Health Systems Learning fall workshops:

One-day workshop – September 15, 2016. Develop your skills in acquiring, assessing, adapting and applying the best available research evidence.

Five-day workshop – October 17 -21, 2016. Master the skills required to acquire, assess, adapt and apply research evidence by working with McMaster Health Forum faculty to prepare a high-quality summary of the available research evidence on a topic you are actively working on in your own organization.

For more information on these workshops (hosted in English), visit or contact us at


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