A Snapshot of Ontario’s Health System

Are you interested in learning about how decisions about healthcare are made in Ontario? The McMaster Health Forum Student Leadership Team is thrilled to bring you a crash-course on Ontario’s health system for beginners – whether you’re planning a career in health policy or you want to know how health policy decisions affect you! Date:Continue reading “A Snapshot of Ontario’s Health System”

Resource for understanding Ontario’s health system

Have you ever wondered how the Ontario health system works? The newly published book ‘Ontario’s health system: Key insights for engaged citizens, professionals and policymakers’ can give you some answers. This resource is available for purchase on Amazon.ca (paperback copy), or freely available on the McMaster Health Forum Website (individual chapters). Here are some additional details about theContinue reading “Resource for understanding Ontario’s health system”

‘Top Ten’ webinar (Jan. 13, noon-1pm ET)

Interested in how to better support evidence-informed health systems? Join the McMaster Health Forum’s ‘Top Ten’ webinar (Jan. 13, noon-1pm ET) for insights from Fadi El-Jardali, Director of The K2P Centre in Beirut, Lebanon.  Register now for the webinar and join the discussion on Twitter via #MHFtop10. https://events-na1.adobeconnect.com/content/connect/c1/2156536786/en/events/event/shared/2234766505/event_landing.html?sco-id=2234747519&_charset_=utf-8