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Social Systems Evidence provides policymakers and stakeholders with better access to research evidence

With a growing international focus on evidence-informed policymaking across government and on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Forum+ has launched the beta version of Social Systems Evidence to better support policymakers, stakeholders and researchers who want to access the best available research evidence in a timely manner. “For all those looking for evidence to […]

Community of Action member applications now open

Applications for membership in the Community of Action are now open. Apply here by Monday September 18th, 11:59pm (EST). Find out more about the application process here. If you would like to sign up for our mailing list, click here.

A Snapshot of Ontario’s Health System

Are you interested in learning about how decisions about healthcare are made in Ontario? The McMaster Health Forum Student Leadership Team is thrilled to bring you a crash-course on Ontario’s health system for beginners – whether you’re planning a career in health policy or you want to know how health policy decisions affect you! Date: […]

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