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Rethinking Evidence – the Global Evidence Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges

By: Tushar Sood, Vikita Mehta  Edited by: Dr. Michael Wilson Among many transformations, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed deep societal inequities and prompted us to rethink how we approach policies to address societal challenges. This has created a “once-in-a-generation focus on evidence among governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations, many types of professionals, and citizens” (mcmasterhealthforum, […]

Long-Term Care in Ontario – COVID-19 Crisis and Renewal

By: Tushar Sood, Vikita Mehta Edited by: Dr. Michael Wilson In Canada, long-term care (LTC) homes offer adults who can no longer live independently a place to live, which is equipped with accessible supports (Liu et al., 2020). While the Canada Health Act mandates that each province and territory provide first-dollar coverage for “medically necessary” […]

Social Systems Evidence provides policymakers and stakeholders with better access to research evidence

With a growing international focus on evidence-informed policymaking across government and on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Forum+ has launched the beta version of Social Systems Evidence to better support policymakers, stakeholders and researchers who want to access the best available research evidence in a timely manner. “For all those looking for evidence to […]

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