Application details

Applications for membership in the Community of Action are now open. Apply by Monday September 18th, 11:59pm (EST).

We are looking for 20 motivated students from diverse academic backgrounds and skill sets to form the core working group that will contribute to the planning and implementation of CoA activities. This initiative is open to undergraduate students enrolled at McMaster University who:

  • have a special interest in gaining and exchanging knowledge and skills through this initiative;
  • are committed to engaging with and actively contributing to the activities of the CoA throughout the school year. This will include attending community events, consistently engaging in discussion fora, creating social media or blog  posts, and helping with larger projects; and
  • are willing to act as champions for the CoA and disseminate relevant information to fellow students and social media networks.

We would like our Community of Action to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of health policy and health systems, so we are specifically looking to recruit students from a wide range of undergraduate faculties.

Those interested in taking on a leadership position within the CoA can also apply to be a part of the steering committee, which will be responsible for liaising between the McMaster Health Forum and the general members of the CoA, and providing strategic direction and guidance to the CoA. Steering committee members may also be expected to oversee specific CoA initiatives.

See the application link for more details.

CoA structure.png